Idris Elba to Be Next James Bond?

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title: Idris Elba to Be Next James Bond?

The Daily Beast reports that an email from Pascal to the distributor of the Bond films simply says, "Idris should be the next bond."

Elba said earlier this year that if offered a chance to play 007, he'd take it.

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title: 'Serial' Podcast Finale

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title: NASA's Kepler Finds New Planet

Kepler's mission came to an end in May 2013 with the failure of the second of four reaction wheels, which are used to stabilize the spacecraft. But a team of scientists and engineered crafted a solution by using pressure from sunlight as a "virtual reaction wheel" to help control the spacecraft, NASA said.

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title: Stephen Colbert Retires 'The Colbert Report'

'Colbert Report' Final Episode Includes Santa Claus and Tons of Celebrities

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