Indianapolis Woman Keeps Neighborhood Stray Dog After Finding It Stuck in Tire Rim

Fire crews first tried liquid soap and oil, with no luck.

— -- An Indianapolis woman has decided to keep a stray dog she helped rescue from a tire rim the animal had gotten stuck in.

Jessica Arnold, 20, saw her neighborhood's stray dog, a pit bull mix she calls Jimma, with her head trapped in a tire rim Friday evening, according to a Facebook post from the Indianapolis Fire Department.

Arnold had been feeding the dog, who is about a year and a half old, when she'd see it stop outside her house, the fire department said.

So Arnold put the dog -- and tire -- in her car and went to the local fire house.

Concerned fire crews first used liquid soap and oil to try to ease the dog's head out of the tire, but neither of them worked.

Firefighters then took a tool that cuts car brake pedals to cut the rim open. More than an hour later, the rim was removed and Jimma was freed, the fire department said.

"The dog’s airway was never compromised and the dog appeared otherwise ok," the fire department post said. "After removal of the rim a very happy Jimma was sent home with the resident."

According to the fire department, Arnold said "Jimma will become a part of her family permanently."

Arnold and the fire department office could not be immediately reached for comment.