Injured veteran who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Vinson shares story of facing 'dark hole'

Retired Marine Cpl. Kionte Storey spoke at the Stand Up for Heroes benefit.

Then one day, Storey said, he took a hard look at himself in the mirror and made a decision.

"I was going down a dark hole that I didn't want to go down," he said. "I just realized for me, it wasn't me ... I wanted to make that change."

Storey, 29, said he stopped taking his pain medication and got involved in sports, joining teams with other veterans. He said he focused on challenging himself physically and mentally.

"[It] kind of just went uphill from there," he said.

Comedians speak out at Stand Up for Heroes at Madison Square Garden

Stewart told Muir Tuesday that the event was like a yearly get-together.

"You get to see people progress through their recovery ... You follow through their ups and downs and it becomes personal," he said.

He told Muir that his biggest highlight since losing his leg, however, was reaching the summit of Mount Vinson in Antarctica in 2013.

"To realize why you're doing what you're doing and really understand that 'Why?' factor. ... [It] pushes you to keep going and never quit no matter what you're doing," Storey said.

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