Jail or Pepper Spray: Judge Dishes Out Unusual Sentence

Check out what the defendant chose.

— -- It's red eye for red eye.

A judge from an Ohio town named "Painesville" ordered a woman to be "pepper sprayed" in court Thursday by a man she attacked with the tear-inducing substance in order to give the victim a "feeling of vengeance."

Judge Michael Cicconetti meted out the unusual punishment, captured on video, after giving Diamond Gaston a choice between that and jail time. But unbeknownst to her, the liquid sprayed at her was just saline -- the judge's attempt to scare her straight without harming her.

Surveillance footage of the courtroom shows the man aiming for her face and spraying the substance, Cicconetti said.

“I don’t want people coming back to my courtroom so I’m not afraid to scare them straight,” he said.

Gaston told Cicconetti she learned her lesson.

This wasn't Cicconetti's first time dealing out an unusual sentence. In his 22 years as a judge, he told ABC News his most memorable punishment was forcing a woman to spend the night in the woods after she tried to abandon 35 kittens.

“It’s not necessarily only about an eye for an eye,” he said. “I want everyone in my courtroom, including the victims, to feel like justice was served."