New Jersey Fat Cat Tips Scales at 33 Pounds

PHOTO: Sprinkles tips the scales at 33 pounds, equivalent to a 600 pound human.PlayWPVI
WATCH The Scoop on Sprinkles: He's an Obese Cat

A New Jersey cat has been named top feline of a small town after weighting in at a hefty 33 pounds.

Named Sprinkles the cat was brought to the Sea Isles City cat center after her owner’s home was foreclosed on, according to ABC station WPVI-TV.

“The vet said he’s the fattest cat he’s ever seen,” Stacy Jones Olandt from Sea Isle City Cats told WPVI.

A normal weight for Sprinkles would be about 10 pounds, and at 33 pounds she’s so heavy she’s the equivalent of a 600- to 700-pound person.

The team at Sea Isle City Cats took in Sprinkles after the local shelter wasn’t able to care for the feline because of her weight. The team at Sea Isles had to bring the cat in via dog carrier.

“It’s going to take a good year to year and half to get her back to where she should be,” Maggie Sgalio of Sea Isle City Cats told WPVI.

Sprinkles is now on a strict diet of canned cat food, although the team told WPVI she doesn’t seem interested in her new food choices.

"We were thinking she probably would like a Big Mac, chicken nuggets," Jones Olandt said.

The team has already seen improvement with Sprinkles being able to walk a bit easier after losing some weight. But for now Sprinkles remains the town’s top dog (or cat.)

“It’s a big cat and I proclaimed it Sea Isle’s top cat,” Sea Isles City Mayor Len Desiderio told WPVI.