First Lady Michelle Obama Cautions That Now's Not the Time to 'Tear Each Other Down'

Michelle Obama calls for unity in the wake of the Orlando shooting.

"In tragic times like these, in this country, it’s time for us to come together, to love each other, to support each other and not tear each other down," Obama said. "So I hope that that is one of the many takeaways that we move forward with."

As for Michelle Obama, she spoke with Winfrey and several girls about her own experience dealing with negative comments thrown her way during her eight years as the first lady.

"It takes taking the time to know who you are to be able to deal with the onslaught of negative messages that you’re bound to get," Obama said. "So when you hear the smack-talking from outside the world, it’s easy to sort of brush that off. Because I know who I am."

Obama also offered advice to women on how to handle social media scrutiny, saying it helps to just "set those phones down."

"I couldn’t keep reading stuff about my husband and what people thought and -- because I knew who he was," Obama said. "I knew what was going on in our home, in our lives. So I didn’t need to read about it from somebody else."