Lake Erie ‘Ice Car’ Freed From Its Frozen Shell

The ice-coated car had been stuck in a parking lot for over two days.

— -- The "ice car" that's been encased in thick ice in an upstate New York parking lot near Lake Erie for over two days was finally freed today.

Crews from a local car dealership were able to dig the car out this afternoon, though an ice shell outline of the front of the car remained, ABC affiliate WKBW reported.

The car was taken to a garage to be thawed out.

Yelen said when he left the restaurant around midnight, his car already had a thin coat of ice around it. The tires were stuck in puddles of water that had frozen over.

To Yelen's surprise the next morning, he found out on Facebook that a video showing his car coated in ice had been viewed over 10 million times.

The 24-year-old's father, Joe Yelen, told ABC News on Tuesday that he had actually driven to the lot to try to get the car out, but waves on Monday and Tuesday from Lake Erie continued to splash over and freeze the car.

Joe Yelen said that despite all the trouble, he and his wife are happy their son left the car in the lot since he had been drinking that night.

"It was a smart move," Joe Yelen said. "Even if it doesn’t seem like it now."

ABC News' Julia Jacobo contributed to this report.