LAPD Shooting: New Video Shows Man Enter His Tent Before His Death

Surveillance footage of shooting shows the altercation before shots were fired.

March 02, 2015, 9:57 PM

— -- Surveillance footage from a homeless shelter shows a new angle of an altercation between Los Angeles police officers and a transient man that turned fatal, where the man is seen entering his sidewalk tent as officers arrived on the scene.

The footage of the Sunday afternoon incident shows the man going into his tent, and then officers trying to stop him and pulling their guns. The LAPD said the man was a suspect in a robbery.

The man, whose name has not been released, appears to talk with the officers before going into his tent. There is no sound with the homeless shelter footage.

In a press conference this afternoon, LAPD chief Charlie Beck said that officers, who were called to the scene because of reports of a robbery, became concerned when the man entered his tent because they could not tell what he was trying to get.

"The individual may be arming himself and they opened the tent and that was when the altercation ensues," Beck said.

The first footage that was released publicly of the interaction, which included the use of a stun gun against the man who was then shot several times, was taken by an onlooker on the ground. This latest surveillance footage from the Union Rescue Mission was shot from a further distance but at a higher angle.

Two investigations have been launched into the shooting.

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