Man Befriends Girlfriend's Attacker to Find Video of Assault

Texas Man Accused of Assaulting Teen, Filming Act with Phone

July 06, 2012, 6:08 PM

July 7, 2012— -- When a Texas man found out his girlfriend had been assaulted and her assailant had filmed the whole thing on his cell phone, he didn't bother to find the villain and beat him up.

Instead, he befriended his girlfriend's assailant, convinced the man to show him the video, and used that to persuade his girlfriend to go to police.

The attack allegedly happened Aug. 3, 2010, when a 17-year-old woman was out with Elric Shawn Millner, her then-boyfriend, according to court documents obtained by KTRK, the ABC station in Houston.

Millner allegedly gave the young woman alcohol, and she could not remember what happened the next morning, according to the documents. The following morning, Millner showed her a video of him laughing as he assaulted her while she begged for him to stop.

After a year of silence, she told her new boyfriend, a former military police officer with the Marines. He went to Millner's home, feigned friendship and convinced Millner to show him the video, according to KTRK.

Only then could he convince his girlfriend to come forward and talk to police.

Webster police arrested Millner and searched his apartment for child pornography, police said. They got the tip from more than one complainant and will use computer forensics as part of the investigation.

Millner has been charged with sexual assault. His bond is $50,000, according to KTRK.

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