Man Gets Lost Wallet Returned With Son's Misspelled Love Note Still Inside

His cash and credit cards were also inside a returned wallet.

— -- Children aren’t great spellers when they first learn how to write and Daniel Boyd was no exception.

That’s why the 7-year-old’s dad, Mike, kept a note in his wallet saying ‘I lave my dad’ for the past two years, despite “love” being spelled incorrectly.

“[Daniel] wrote little messages on pieces of paper when he was learning how to write and Mike thought this one was so cute,” Joanie Boyd told ABC News today.

“We got to the car and my husband realized it was gone. We immediately started calling and started cancelling the [credit] cards,” she said.

She thought the wallet and the note were gone for good until she picked up the mail on Tuesday morning. There was a package with no return address and no note, but with Mike’s wallet inside.

“It was addressed to my husband’s full name. Nobody calls him ‘junior’ unless it’s legal documents. I was blown away. Everything was in there -- the note, the money, the credit cards, everything,” she said.

“In today’s day and age, nobody does that anymore,” she added.

Joanie Boyd now believes the previously anonymous good Samaritan was Jennifer Grasso, something she said she discovered after getting a response to a thank you note she posted on ABC station WPVI’s Facebook page.