Massachusetts Hockey Dad Accused of Aiming Laser at High School Goalie

A hockey dad is charged with pointing laser at opposing goalie in playoff game.

March 7, 2012— -- A Massachusetts father is facing criminal charges for allegedly pointing a laser beam into the eyes of the opposing goalie at his daughter's state playoff hockey game.

Joseph Cordes, 42, is charged with disturbing the peace.

The incident occurred on Feb. 29, but the charges against Cordes were announced Tuesday.

The score was 1-1 in the third period when people in the stands and Winthrop High School administrators noticed a green laser beam on the goalie's helmet. Winthrop Assistant Superintendent Lisa Howard approached Cordes, sitting all alone in the upper bleachers, and immediately removed him from the rink, according to Winthrop Superintendent John Macero.

Cordes, who could not be reached by ABC News for comment, is banned from attending any other school events at Winthrop, according to Macero.

Winthrop went on to win the game 3-1, prompting the principal of Medway High School to send an appeal to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association.

"The effort of our student-athletes should always be judged and decided on the ice," Principal Richard Pearson of Medway High School told ABC News. "This incident has not allowed that to happen."

The appeal was denied, according to the MIAA.

"Our decision in turning down the appeal was based on the fundamental rule that once the game ends, the judgment of an official cannot be overturned," Paul Wetzel, media spokesman for the MIAA told ABC News.

A number of people saw the laser, Wetzel said. But it still was not enough to change the score of the game.

"Within two minutes they had a school official take the parent out of the building. They stopped the play," Wetzel said. "The referees talked it over with the coaches and school officials. At that time, they determined that the guy's attempt to use his laser did not interfere with the play of the game."

Macero said that Cordes' alleged actions marred the playoff game.

"The girls didn't do anything wrong. They were playing a hockey game," Macero said. "An individual did something awful which affected these girls. It was unnecessary. It changed the whole dynamics of it all. It made a special night not so special anymore and that was unfortunate."

Cordes will be arraigned in the East Boston District Court.