Massachusetts hit by third nor'easter in 11 days, Bostonians seem unfazed

"This is New England -- this is what we put up with," one resident said.

But residents interviewed by ABC News today were taking the snow in stride.

One Bostonian, Bruce Taymore, told ABC News the brutal snowstorm was "normal New England weather."

"This is New England, this is what we put up with," he said. "We're strong people and we take it."

"I'm a skier, so I'm used to this," Taymore added.

-- 6 inches of snow, so far, just northwest of Boston

-- Winds of 47 mph in Boston and nearly 70 mph in Nantucket and on Cape Cod

Less than one week ago, a nor'easter on March 7 hit with:
-- Snow totals of more than 1 foot to the west of Boston
-- Coastal flooding
-- More than 300,000 customers without power

The first storm, on March 2, included:

-- One fatality when a tree fell on an occupied car

-- Wind gusts over 90 mph in four spots in the state, including 93 mph in Barnstable

-- 80 mph wind gusts and flooding in Scituate -- 70 mph winds in Boston-- Two inches of rain

-- More than 300,000 customers who lost power

-- Boston's third highest tide on record at 14.67 feet

But despite all that, Bostonians who spoke to ABC News said they were accustomed to the weather.

"I love it," she said, despite the fact that it's the third nor'easter.

"I ski," she said. "That's probably why this doesn't really affect me."

Gallagher said she might walk home from work, but added that she'd stay the night closer to work if the snow pileup became too much.

Kristen Salvaggio, a lifelong resident of the city, told ABC News she thinks the snow is "beautiful."

She was still walking to work today, even as the snow was blowing sideways.

Salvaggio said she was expecting the wind to be worse, but that she'll walk home even if the wind reaches 60 mph.

Although it's the third nor'easter in days, John McDonald was upbeat.

"I like the snow, this is New England," he said. "I just don't want to see anybody get hurt."

Taymore admitted that warmer spring weather will be welcome, too.

"I'm also a boater, so when spring comes, we want it," he said. "Just wait a minute, it'll be beautiful in a couple of days."

ABC News' Adrienne Bankert and Brian Hartman contributed to this report.