Massive Winter Storm Bringing Snow, Ice and Wind Hits 30 States

The precipitation caused accidents and shut down roads from Utah to Maine.

Near St. Paul, Minnesota, a car slammed a police vehicle as the officer investigated another crash.

"I just completely turned all the way around and slid off the road," said one driver. "How scary is that? I mean, I'm just happy there weren't any cars coming."

In hard-hit Boston, which, according to The Associated Press, could break its all-time record for snowfall today with 5.7 more inches of snow, state police had to be called to help free a 65-foot Coast Guard cutter that got stuck in the harbor.

Beantown might fall short today of that record snowfall -- 107.6 inches, set in 1995-1996, according to the AP. But even so, it could break the record with additional snowfall Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Although one to three inches was possible along the I-95 corridor today, some areas, such as New York City, could receive 6-8 inches with Wednesday night’s snowfall.