3 Men Connected With Anti-Capitalist Protest Arrested in Incidents Near White House, FBI, Trump Hotel

One of the disturbances prompted a brief lockdown at the White House.

November 6, 2016, 3:38 AM

— -- At least three men connected with the Million Mask March were arrested in Washington, D.C., on Saturday in separate incidents.

On Saturday morning, D.C. Metro Police arrested two men for vandalizing several buildings along Pennsylvania Avenue, including the FBI Building and the Trump Hotel, as well as a police vehicle. Hours later, U.S. Secret Service arrested a third protester carrying a firearm near the White House, prompting a brief lockdown.

The Million Mask March has become an annual anti-capitalist demonstration hosted in cities around the world, featuring protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

During the march, police observed damage at the FBI Building, the Trump International Hotel, and to a police cruiser.

In a press release, D.C. police identified the men as 27-year-old Eric Roberts, of Florida, and 35-year-old Danny Hamilton, of Louisiana. Roberts was arrested and charged with defacing government property at the FBI Building. Hamilton was arrested and charged with destruction of D.C. government property for damaging a police cruiser. Both men were charged with resisting arrest.

In a separate incident, a uniformed U.S. Secret Service arrested a man carrying a firearm near the White House. "The officer confronted the subject, a brief struggle ensued, and the subject was subsequently arrested," read a statement from the Secret Service. The man was handed over to D.C. police and charged with carrying a firearm without a license and committing a crime while wearing a mask, among other charges.

The disturbance prompted a brief lockdown at the White House. The president was golfing at Joint Base Andrews at the time of the incident.

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