Soldier Kelli Bordeaux Missing: Police Release Photo Taken Night of Disappearance

PHOTO: Kelli Bordeaux, 23, was last seen leaving Froggy Bottoms bar in Fayetteville, N.C., April 14, 2012.PlayCourtesy Fayetteville Police Department
WATCH Missing N.C. Soldier: Bordeaux's Husband Speaks

Investigators searching for Kelli Bordeaux released a new photo of the missing Fort Bragg soldier, which was taken by Bordeaux herself using her iPhone just before heading out to the Fayetteville, N.C., bar the night she disappeared.

Bordeaux, 23, who has been missing for nearly two weeks, was last seen leaving Froggy Bottoms bar in Fayetteville around 1:20 a.m. on April 14. The marine was reported missing on Monday when she failed to report to duty. Police won't say how they got the cell phone picture.

Her husband Michael Bordeaux is now speaking about his wife for the first time, confirming that she was committed to her job and their marriage, which he says was not on the rocks.

"She was a dedicated soldier, a dedicated wife. Me and her loved each other very much," Michael Bordeaux said.

While Michael Boudreaux says that the couple was not having marital problems, he admits he last saw his wife on April 3 -- 10 days before she went missing. Contrary to reports he had moved out, he denies they were estranged, saying he was just visiting his father in Florida.

"We were married. We weren't getting a divorce," he says. "We were together. We love each other a lot."

Nicholas Holbert, 25, says he was with Bordeaux at the bar April 13, and dropped her off on a street near her apartment. He says when he asked her if she was married she said "it's complicated."

"As soon as you drive into the entrance to Meadowbrook, she said, 'Stop right here,'" Holbert said. "So I stopped and she said, 'I'll walk home.' I said, 'Are you sure?' She said, 'Yeah.' I said I figured she didn't want me to know where she lived, or somebody was there and she didn't want to be seen together."

Herbert surrendered after it was revealed he failed to register as a sex offender at his new address. Although he has been questioned twice, investigators said Holbert is not a person of interest. He maintained he had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Police on Thursday renewed their search for Bordeaux, showing more than 500 volunteers the newly released photo of the marine and asking them to scour the heavily wooded area between the bar where she was last seen and the cell phone tower she last pinged early on April 14.

"All the evidence …has led us right back to this area as an area of concentration," Det. Jeff Locklear, of the Fayetteville Police Department said Thursday.

Bordeaux's family and fellow soldiers are holding out hope she is still alive.

"Your family loves you, your friends love you, your battle buddies love you," Jason Bardow, the woman's uncle and a fellow soldier said.