Missouri Woman Thanks Thieves for 'Pimping Out My Vehicle'

Becky Schoenig took to Facebook to make light out of a bad situation.

April 3, 2015, 5:13 PM
PHOTO: Becky Schoenig posted this photo to Facebook on April 1, 2015, thanking the "car thieves for pimping out my vehicle."
Becky Schoenig posted this photo to Facebook on April 1, 2015, thanking the "car thieves for pimping out my vehicle."
Courtesy Becky Schoenig

— -- Becky Schoenig had her new 2015 Ford Fusion for less than two months when it was stolen out of her driveway in St. Charles County, Missouri, on Monday.

Thankfully, the hybrid was recovered Tuesday night when a man in St. Louis saw a suspicious car in his neighborhood and called 911, Schoenig told ABC News today.

"The cops showed up and the kids were all arrested and the car was retrieved," said Schoenig, 40.

But the story doesn't end there. On Wednesday -- which also happened to be April Fools' Day -- Schoenig was shocked when she saw her recovered car pull up.

"[The thieves] had spray-painted the rims, put details on the whole car," she said. "They were planning on tinting the windows."

The married mother of two decided to make light of the situation and posted a photo of her with the car on Facebook, thanking "the car thieves for pimping out my vehicle for me."

"Everybody was laughing, I was having fun with it," she said. "It looks like it's a pimped out vehicle ... but they still did a lot of damage to the car."

The car is getting restored to its original look, but the Facebook photo went viral, remaining the perfect snapshot for how to stay positive in a rough situation.

"I think part of why it's gone as viral as it has is because I have a really good support team of friends who were helping me not break down when I wanted to not be happy with people," Schoenig said. "It reminded me that that's how people really are. And it made me go back to putting out good energy."

"I'm a strong believer in karma," she added.

"It was good people that found my car. It was good people that surrounded me and encouraged me to think positive thoughts. That was the hardest part because I was upset with people, humanity," Schoenig said. "The truth is that there's still more good people out there than bad. Regardless of how a situation looks, we can still kind of have fun with it."

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