Mystery Ice Chunk Falls From Sky, Shatters Windshield of New Car at Dealership

PHOTO: A chunk of ice fell onto the windshield of a brand new car at a dealership in Mechanicsburg, Pa., March 25, 2016. PlayWHTM
WATCH Mysterious Falling Ice Shatters Car Windshield

Police in Pennsylvania say they are investigating how a huge chunk of ice fell from the sky and crashed into the windshield of a brand new car at a local dealership.

The bizarre incident was captured on video last Friday by car salesman Matthew McCormick, who was at work in Mechanicsburg, about three hours west of Philadelphia, when the large mass of ice came crashing down, shattering the windshield of a new car in the dealership lot.

"We all stopped, looked up, saw something white streaking towards the ground, and heard it slam into a parked Kia Soul," McCormick told ABC News. "Had I been much closer to the vehicle, I probably wouldn’t be talking to you right now."

Authorities believe the ice might have fallen from a plane since the dealership is close to the Harrisburg International Airport, according to ABC's Philadelphia station WPVI.

Hampden Township Police Chief Steven Junkin was not available for comment.

"We were all in disbelief that it happened," McCormick said.