Mystery Lights Streak Across West Coast Sky, Igniting Social Media Frenzy

PHOTO: A mysterious blazing light that streaked across the sky last night sent the West Coast into a social media frenzy.PlayPaul Bartholomew
WATCH Mysterious Light Streaks Across Western Sky

A blazing fireball streaked across the night sky on Wednesday, igniting a social media frenzy on the West Coast.

Residents of southern California all the way to Utah spotted a curious streak of light, and many took to the internet to find the answer, and share their own theories as to what it could possibly be.

Among the most popular suppositions were that this was the work of some kind of extra-terrestrial life, or that it was a meteor.

A NASA spokesperson told ABC News today that the light was actually "the re-entry of a Chinese rocket body."

Social media users were nonetheless awed at the beauty of this flaming piece of space junk as it re-entered Earth's atmosphere.