Nick Lachey pleads with public to find man who shot his employee: 'Help us find some justice'

Elizabeth Richardson, 27, works at Lachey's sports bar in Cincinnati.

Elizabeth Richardson was walking across the street near Lachey's early Thursday morning when the shooter yelled at her from the window of a van, Cincinnati Police Department spokesman Sgt. Steve Saunders told ABC affiliate WCPO.

When Richardson -- who police said is recently engaged and the mother of a 3-year-old son -- approached the van, the gunman shot her in the face. Richardson was hospitalized with serious injuries, according to WCPO.

"Ellie sustained injuries to her face and jaw," reads an update on a page soliciting donations to help with her medical expenses. "She's in stable condition, but it's still unclear how long she'll be in the hospital and what her recovery process will entail. Funds from this campaign will go toward her medical expenses and help support her and her family until she's back on her feet."

Drew also took to Twitter Saturday, writing, "As some of you may have heard, Ellie was the victim of a vicious assault. If u have any info about it please contact the authorities or u can help her on her recovery by donating. Thank you and please keep her in your prayers."

Drew's wife Lea chimed in, "Please send prayers for our sweet Ellie," and retweeted her husband.

Police said the suspect is a man in his 20s with gold-rimmed glasses and a light beard, who drove a van. Police released surveillance photos of the van, which was caught on camera driving by City Hall.

The Lacheys' sports bar aims to blend "historical charm and modern elements to create a comfortable gathering place for sports fans, neighbors, and hungry patrons," according to its website.