Oklahoma Man's Video of Apparent Shoplifter Goes Viral

VIDEO: Suspect identified after man posts cellphone video of apparent robbery in progress at Walmart.PlayABCNews.com
WATCH Good Samaritan Helps Authorities Identify Potential Shoplifter Via Social Media

An Oklahoma man waiting for his fiance outside a local Walmart pulled out his cellphone when he saw a suspected shoplifter, and now video of their encounter has gone viral.

Tony Smith says he was waiting for his fiance to check out at a Walmart in Coweta, Oklahoma, Sunday night when he saw a man behaving suspiciously and then exiting the store without seeming to pay for the items in his shopping cart.

“It was very obvious that he was stealing them,” Smith told ABC News. “None of the items were bagged.

“I asked him if he had paid for his items and he kind of said, ‘Sir, don’t worry about that,’” Smith said.

Smith did worry about it, however, and pulled out his cellphone to capture the alleged thief’s getaway as he stuffed the items into his car.

“He’s taking off right now,” Smith could be heard saying on the video, making sure to record the man's license plate.

"Look at him," Smith said. "Just stole all this stuff. ... I got his VIN number and everything.”

“Whatever, dude,” the alleged shoplifter can be heard saying to Smith in the video. “I paid for it.”

Smith posted the video on Facebook, where it has been shared more than 4,000 times.

The video also caught the attention of local police, who have identified the alleged shoplifter. Coweta Police did not immediately release the person's name because the case was still under investigation, according to local ABC affiliate KTUL.