Oregon's 1st coronavirus patient released from hospital after months

Medical staff gave Hector Calderon a parade with mariachis.

After more than two months in the hospital, the first Oregon resident to test positive for coronavirus was released to cheers and a mariachi parade.

Calderon, a janitor at Forest Hills Elementary School in Lake Oswego, Oregon, was treated at Kaiser Permanente West Side Medical Center in Hillsboro, Oregon, after he tested positive at the end of February. He was one of the first patients in the nation to be treated with remdesivir, according to Kaiser Permanente.

He told his fellow staff members and students at Forrest Hills Elementary School, "I would just like to let you know I miss you so much. Thank you for your support to me and my family. God bless you and I will see you soon," according to a press release from Kaiser Permanente Northwest.

Upon his release from the hospital on Monday, medical staff celebrated with Calderon.

"This has been a remarkable journey. His courage, strength and resilience throughout has been an inspiration," said Katie Sharff, MD, an infectious disease specialist at Kaiser Permanente, according to the release.

Sharff, who is also a parent of a student at the elementary school where Calderon works added, "It was such a joy to see his clinical improvement and hear him asking about students and teachers at the school."

Calderon has been taken to a nursing facility to finish up his recovery and to get physical therapy.

"Our hope is that he will have a full recovery, but he still has some work to do and long-term prognosis is unknown since this is a new virus," said Sarah Rahimtoola, MD, according to the release.