Pennsylvania Trooper Shoots Robbery Suspect Who Pointed Shotgun at Him at Walmart

The male suspect stole prescription drugs from the store's pharmacy.

A trooper, who was on-duty and in the immediate area, responded to the call, police said. The trooper then confronted the suspect inside the doorway of the store and the suspect then raised his shotgun at the trooper, police said.

The trooper managed to push the gun away. The trooper then fired a round and hit the suspect in the chest, police said.

The suspect was transported to York Hospital, police said. His condition and identity are not publicly known.

The trooper was not injured.

Editor’s Note: In a previous posting, ABC News incorrectly identified the officer involved in the shooting at Walmart as Trooper Rob Hicks. Trooper Hicks is a public information officer with the Pennsylvania State Police and was not involved in the shooting.