PGA Golfer Robert Allenby Says He Was Beaten, Robbed in Hawaii

Australian golfer Robert Allenby was reportedly beaten and robbed Friday night.

— -- Australian golfer Robert Allenby was recovering today after he says he was abducted, drugged, bruised, beaten and robbed in Hawaii.

The golfer's caddy, Mick Middlemo, said the attack Friday night followed a round of drinks with friends at a wine bar after Allenby failed to make the cut in the Sony Open in Honolulu.

Allenby, 43, told the Australian Associated Press he believes he was drugged, because he woke up Saturday morning in a park more than six miles away from the last place he remembers being, beaten up, and missing his wallet.

The Golf Channel has published a photo of Allenby with scratches and bruises on his forehead and nose.

The golfer told the AAP that he and his friends had paid their bar tab just before 11 p.m. Friday, but he doesn't remember what happened next.

His caddie said that Allenby disappeared as the group was getting ready to leave the bar.

"At 10:30 I left to go to another bar, and he was going to be 10 minutes behind me with another one of his friends," Middlemo said today on "Good Morning America." "[The friend] went to get another beer and then when he came out, Robert was gone.

"He has no recollection of leaving that bar, which is ridiculous," Middlemo said.

According to the AAP, Allenby said a homeless woman told him he'd been thrown out of a car by a few men.

"I didn't think I was going to survive this one," Allenby told the APP.

A man who found Allenby in the park then helped him back to his hotel, according to the Golf Channel.

Allenby didn't go to a hospital, the Golf Channel reports, but was treated for his injuries when he returned to his hotel.

"He's a bit sore," Middlemo said. "He's got a sore head."

Honolulu police told ABC News they were investigating the case as a second-degree robbery.