'Polar' Cold is Coming Back

Get ready to bundle up again if you live in the north.

Jan. 20, 2014— -- Get ready to bundle up again. A polar chill is expected to settle over the Northern U.S. in three waves this week – with temperatures expected to dip into the single digits in some areas, along with heavy snowfall.

The cold spell coincides with a winter storm across the Northeast, bringing blizzard-like conditions to New Jersey, New York, Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Forecasters expect the first cold wave to emerge Monday into Tuesday. Another cold spell should strike Thursday into Friday, and the third wave is expected for Sunday, Jan. 26.

During the cold spells, highs are forecast to drop into the single digits or near zero for the upper Midwest, with high temperatures in the single digits and teens for the Ohio Valley. Overnight lows should drop well below zero across parts of the Midwest.

In the Northeast, expect highs in the teens and 20s for major cities from Washington, D.C. to Boston, with temperatures dipping to single digits and teens for inland areas.

Overnight lows will drop near 10 degrees for major cities in the northeast, with some spots in northern New York and New England dropping well below zero.

The new chill comes three weeks after a polar vortex gripped much of the country with subzero cold, contributing to at least a dozen deaths.

It shouldn't be quite as cold this time, so no polar vortex. But officials are warning people to take precautions, to brace for another week of frigid, spine-tingling cold.

ABC News' Max Golembo and the Associated Press contributed to this report.