2 police officers have funny encounters with a cat and raccoon

Some law enforcement agencies are getting some odd "recruits" recently.

— -- Some law enforcement agencies are getting some odd "recruits" recently, as seen in two funny Facebook posts by two separate police departments.

First, a raccoon latched on to a Colorado officer's windshield Thursday.

Officer Christopher Frabbiele of the Colorado Springs Police Department was driving to the scene of a serious car wreck when a rogue raccoon decided to hitch a ride. The little bandit landed on his cruiser, obviously wanting to be a part of the action.

Frabbiele didn't know the police code for "raccoon on windshield," so he pulled over and took photos of the curious cop-wannabe before the raccoon jumped off Frabbiele's patrol car.

The department called the encounter "pawsitively" surprising on its Facebook post.

More than 1,000 miles away, another animal decided it wanted to help fight crime and keep the peace.

An officer with the City of Oxford, Ohio, Division of Police was sitting in his car in front of a church when a cat jumped through his open window.

The cat pounced on Officer Richard Butler, climbing playfully on the dashboard, inspecting the console and letting Butler give it some good belly scratches.

Then the cat refused to leave the comfy cruiser.

"Is anyone missing this guy?" the police department posted on Facebook "Anyone want to adopt this guy?"

According to the police department, Butler offered to foster the kitty for a few days instead of sending him down an alley, just in case the rightful owners came forward.

Chief John Jones of the Oxford Police Department told ABC News no one has claimed the cat yet, and the kitty is still hanging out with Butler. Jones said people have volunteered to adopt the cat if the original owners do not claim it.