Police Seek Adopted Boys Missing for Years, Parents Allegedly Accepted Payments

Police will digitally age the boys to see what they would look like now.

March 10, 2011— -- Investigators in Colorado and Texas are trying to find out what happened to two adopted boys who haven't been seen in years and are trying to determine why their adoptive parents allegedly continued to take money to care for them.

Sheriff's officials in El Paso County near Colorado Springs say that in January they received a report about the disappearance of Austin Bryant. Investigators discovered the boy was last seen sometime between 2003 and 2005.

  They also found out that a second boy, Edward Bryant, hadn't been seen since 2001.   It's not clear if the boys are related or who originally called police to report Austin missing.

  Austin would have been 7 years old when he disappeared and Edward would have been 9.

Lt. Lari Sevene with the El Paso County Sheriff's Department said investigators are working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to digitally age the boys' photos to try and get an idea of what they might look like today.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Department says no missing persons report was ever filed for the boys.

  Austin and Edward's adoptive parents, Edward and Linda Bryant, lived in Colorado from 1999 to 2005 before moving to Texas. The couple was arrested in Texas and both have now been extradited back to Colorado where they are being held on $1 million bail each.

  The Bryants each face multiple counts of felony theft, conspiracy, attempting to influence a public official, forgery, and charges that the couple continued to collect money from the El Paso County Department of Human Services despite the fact that Austin and Edward were not living with them.

  The couple has not been charged in connection with the boys' disappearance. Police are canvassing the region where the family lived for anyone who might provide clues or insight into the boys disappearance.

  In addition to the length of time that has gone by, the investigation is complicated by the fact that the latest photos of the boys are from 1999, when Austin was only 3 years old.  

A neighbor in the Bryant's Denton, Texas, neighborhood told ABC affiliate WFAA-TV that he believes the couple had adopted up to six or eight children.   "He had some boys here and it was kind of neat. They would always make a habit of really getting out and taking care of the yard on weekends," neighbor Tom Downey said.