Politics shoved aside as 5 former US presidents unite for hurricane relief concert

Trump wasn't present but he recorded a video message praising his predecessors.

All ticket sales and other proceeds from the charity event will go to the special hurricane recovery effort launched last month by the five former presidents. The appeal had already raised $31 million since it launched Sept. 7, Jim McGrath, spokesman for former President George H.W. Bush told The Associated Press.

Although he wasn't physically present, Trump taped a video message that was played at the fundraising event.

"President Trump was honored to be given an opportunity to participate in relief and recovery efforts. He encourages all Americans to be as generous as they can in helping storm survivors through this difficult time," the White House said in a statement obtained by ABC News Friday.

In his video message, Trump notably thanks his predecessors for their "tremendous assistance" with supporting hurricane relief efforts.

"As we begin to rebuild, some of America's finest public servants are spearheading the One America Appeal. Through this effort, all five living former presidents are playing a tremendous role in helping our fellow citizens recover," Trump says. "To presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Melania and I want to express our deep gratitude for your tremendous assistance."

Trump has recently come under fire for the difference in his responses to the hurricane devastation in U.S. states compared to that in U.S. territories. After a string of hurricanes -- Harvey, Irma and Maria -- battered Caribbean islands and the southern U.S. in recent months, Trump criticized Puerto Rican leaders grappling with the devastation and suggested there could be a limit to how much aid the U.S. territory may get from the federal government.