Pregnant Texas Mom Kristi-An Walker Confesses to Killing Infant Sons

Texas mother, 20, has confessed to killing her children.

Oct. 10, 2012 — -- A 20-year-old Texas mother who is now pregnant with her fourth child has confessed to killing two of her infant children, according to police, who said that she told them she thought she "had too many kids."

Kristi-An Walker confessed to killing her 4-month-old son in April 2011 and her 6-month-old son son in June 2012, Angleton, Texas, police said. Police told ABC affiliate KTRK that Walker, who also has a 3-year-old son, admitted to throwing her babies and banging their heads.

"She said she had too many kids," Sgt. Kirk Coleman of the Angleton Police Department told KTRK Tuesday. "She had three kids. She didn't want to have three. She thought she did. The kids would cry and it would frustrate her, and she would lose control, and she would bang their heads.

"She would take him from the car seat, and she would bang his head on the metal part of the bassinet," Coleman said.

Walker was indicted last week on a murder charge and two counts of injury to a child.

Coleman told ABC News today that a judge had issued a gag order in Walker's case as of Tuesday.

Angleton police investigating the June death of Walker's 6-month-old soon learned that in 2011 another of her sons had died in Freeport, Texas, the Associated Press reported. Investigators in Freeport closed the case after an autopsy revealed the cause of death was undetermined.

"Hindsight was that there was more that we could have done, and from reflection and an interview we've done with a different detective, I think there are things we could have done differently," Chief Tyrone Morrow of the Freeport Police Department told KTRK.

After the death of her first child, Walker moved to nearby Angelton, where police said she confessed to killing her 6-month-old, who was hooked up to a breathing monitor, the following year.

According to Coleman, it was on June 20 when Walker banged the 6-month-old's head. She didn't call for medical help.

Angleton police arrested Walker on a charge of injury to a child on July 26. Calls made today to the Arlington district attorney by ABC News were unreturned.

Despite her daughter's confession to police, Walker's mother, Carol Shelton, maintains her daughter is innocent.

"She wouldn't hurt those boys in any way," Shelton said. "She loved those boys more than anything."

Police said that Walker is now four weeks pregnant. She is currently being held in Brazoria County Jail on a murder charge stemming from the death of her 6-month-old son, and charges of injury to a child in both deaths.

Walker's 3-year-old son is currently in the custody of Child Protective Services.