'Presidential Selfie Girls' Say No Selfie Stick Was Used to Snap Photos With Presidential Candidates

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WATCH 'Presidential Selfie Girls' Try to Snap Selfies With Every Presidential Candidate

The two New Hampshire sisters who took selfies with all the presidential candidates competing in their home state's primary say their feat began with just one simple photo.

"We went to a Chris Christie event and the event was over so he was walking down the street and I decided, why not get a selfie," Emma Nozell said today on "Good Morning America." "So I took it and Addy was like, 'Why not get them with everyone?,' and that's how it started."

Emma, 16, and her sister Addy Nozell, 17, used their unique position of living in the first-in-the-nation primary state to meet every presidential candidate on the ballot in New Hampshire.

The only one-time presidential candidate the sisters missed was Jim Webb, who dropped out of the race before the New Hampshire primary.

The sisters said their mom had a few rules for them when they decided to hit the campaign trail with their smartphones in hand.

"Be polite [and] no selfie sticks," Addy said their mom told them.

When asked which candidate was their favorite to share a selfie with, the sisters said on "GMA" the candidates were "all gracious."

Before the New Hampshire primary, though, Emma and Addy did swing their support to one candidate. The sisters took an “endorsement selfie” with Clinton at the Women’s Economic Opportunity Summit in December in Manchester, N.H.