Rescued Pup Acts as Guide Dog for Canine Pal

Denny and Drummond were rescued in November.

— -- A rescued dog shows the meaning of canine friendship by acting as a guide for his blind furry companion.

Denny and Drummond were rescued in November by Angel Among Us Pet Rescue group in Atlanta, Georgia. The dogs, believed to be cockerspaniels, showed signs of abuse and neglect including eye and skin infections. Denny was nearly blind.

Karen Wallace, a founding member of the pet rescue group, picked up the dogs after they were rescued at a vet’s office and said the dogs were still acting very sweet in spite of their injuries.

“It was pretty horrible to see dogs in such shape,” Wallace said.

Lance White, the CEO of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue Group, said that Drummond ran to stop Denny as he started to run toward a fence.

Drummond is "younger and he’s really looking out for the older one," said White. "We just feel like they’re family. I feel like they’re family."

White said they will only allow the dogs to be adopted if they are adopted as a pair.

"I would say they’re definitely going to be brothers from here on out," he said.

For now the dogs are being cared for at the Chattahoochee Animal Clinic, as they continue to heal from suspected years of abuse.

Anyone interested in adopting the dogs can learn more at