Richard Sherman and Other Epic Sore Winners

Richard Sherman went off after winning the NFC. See who else did, too.

Jan. 20, 2014— -- intro:Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman left mouths hanging open Sunday night, when after his team's 23-17 Super NFC Championship win against the San Francisco 49ers, and he trashed 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

"Well I'm the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that's the result you gonna get," Sherman screamed into the microphone during his post game interview with Fox's Erin Andrews. "Don't you ever talk about me!"

Forget about sore losers. This is sore winner behavior.

Sherman isn't the first sore winner to abandon good sportmanship or gracious winning amid the thrill of victory. Check out these other athletes who won, but didn't win applause.

quicklist: 1 category:Epic Sore Winnerstitle: Michael Jordanurl:text:When basketball legend Michael Jordan was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009, his speech included a few not-so-subtle digs at opponents. He admonished his high school coach for cutting him from the varsity team in favor of Leroy Smith, who Jordan flew to the induction ceremony.

"When he made the team and I didn't, I wanted to prove not just to Leroy Smith, not just to myself, but to the coach who actually picked Leroy over me, you made a mistake, dude," Jordan told the

quicklist: 2 category:Epic Sore Winnerstitle: Nancy Kerriganurl:text:Olympic ice skater Nancy Kerrigan had the public's sympathy after she was assaulted during practice in an attack coordinated by the husband of skating rival Tonya Harding in 1994. The media narratives that followed cast Kerrigan as a princess and Harding as a witch.

Kerrigan was eventually able to go to the Olympics in spite of the injury and won the silver medal, but her comments off the ice tarnished her shiny princess crown.

Waiting to approach the winners' podium, cameras caught Kerrigan as she made a nasty comment about gold medal winner Oksana Baiul, who was thought to be getting her makeup redone.

"Oh come on," Kerrigan said. "So she's going to get up here and cry again. What's the difference?"

And later, at a Disney parade while seated next to Mickey Mouse, Kerrigan made another un-princess-like statement.

"This is so corny," she said. "This is so dumb. I hate it. This is the most corny thing I've ever done."She later said the quotes were taken out of context, but the damage to her reputation was done. media: 21599915

quicklist: 3 category:Epic Sore Winnerstitle: Randy Mossurl:text:Former Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss was a bit of a sore winner in 2005, but didn't need to say a word.

After scoring a touchdown pass, Moss tossed the ball and pretended to pull down his pants and moon the crowd.

"That is a disgusting act by Randy Moss," an announcer said after Moss 21599790

quicklist: 4category:Epic Sore Winnerstitle:Rickey Hendersonurl:text:Oakland Athletics outfielder Rickey Henderson raised some eyebrows for a not-so-humble brag in his 1991 speech for stealing more bases than anyone else in baseball.

The previous record holder, Lou Brock, was in the crowd that day.

"Lou Brock was the symbol of great base stealing," he said. "But today, I'm the greatest of all time."media: 21599841