Rutgers Trial: Cop Describes Search for Tyler Clementi

Rutgers cop says Dharun Ravi was not forthcoming with information.

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. March 1, 2012— -- A Rutgers police officer testified today that when he searched for missing student Tyler Clementi his roommate Dharun Ravi did not mention that Clementi was upset over Ravi's alleged webcam spying and had asked to switch rooms the previous day.

Police officer Krzysztof Kowalczy said he was told to conduct a "well-being" check for Clementi on Sept. 22, 2010 after police found Clementi's possessions on the George Washington Bridge. Clementi committed suicide by jumping off the bridge earlier that day.

Clementi, an 18-year-old freshman, left a note but its contents have never been made public. His death came a day after he complained to school officials that Ravi had used a webcam to spy on him while on a gay date Sept. 19 and had invited others to watch during a second date on Sept. 21.

Clementi had requested a room change Sept. 21 and both students had conversations with Rutgers residence life employees about the incidents.

On Sept. 22 Kowalczy asked Ravi if he had any idea where Clementi was or if he had been acting unusually. Ravi said he didn't know where his roommate was, but that Clementi had been acting normally earlier in the afternoon.

Ravi told Kowalczy about Clementi's Sept. 19 date with an "older, slightly overweight" male with a "scrubby beard and short black hair," the officer testified, but did not mention that Clementi was upset that Ravi has used his webcam to catch Clementi and the man kissing. Ravi also didn't mention that Clementi was angry over Ravi's tweet inviting others to watch Clementi's second date on Sept. 21, the officer testified.

The search for Clementi ended when police discovered that he had jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge. His death sparked a national outcry over cyber bullying and anti-gay bullying.

Ravi is on trial on charges of invasion of privacy, bias intimidation, witness tampering and hindering arrest. Ravi is not charged in connection to Clementi's death.

Ravi Told Fellow Rutgers Students About Webcam Spying

Prior to Kowalczy's testimony, three of Ravi's friends were called by the prosecution to testify that Ravi told them about setting up a webcam that could spy on his roommate.

Jeffrey Irving, who played ultimate Frisbee with Ravi on the college's team, told the court that Ravi told him on Sept. 21 about a plan to spy on Clementi later that night.

After Frisbee practice on Sept. 21, Irving drove Ravi to the campus dining hall to eat with the team. While waiting in line for their food, Ravi told Irving about using his webcam to peek on his roommate kissing a man two days earlier.

"(Ravi) told me that he had set up a webcam of some sort to capture images of his roommate. He said he had done it before that date, and that he was planning on doing it again that night," Irving said.

Lokesh Ojha, a friend of Ravi's, told the court today and Wednesday that he helped Ravi set up the camera on Sept. 21 in order to spy on Clementi.

Ojha described how he gave Ravi a thumbs up after Ravi maneuvered his webcam so that it was aimed at Clementi's bed.

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Under questioning by the prosecution, Ojha said he followed Ravi's instructions to try and watch Clementi's date on Sept. 21, 2010, but the webcam connection didn't work.

"Then I saw [Ravi] in the lounge and I said, 'Yo, it didn't work.' And he said, 'Yeah, I have been getting that from a lot of people."

Ojha's testimony appears to bolster the prosecution's contention that Ravi intentionally set up his webcam to view Clementi's gay date, and that Ravi invited others to watch.

Ravi and another friend, Molly Wei, peeked for a few seconds at Clementi during a tryst on Sept. 19. Wei has told the court that the reason Ravi was concerned about Clementi's date was because Clementi's guest was an older man who was apparently not from Rutgers and Ravi feared the man would steal his iPad.

Rutgers Trial Star Witness Delayed for Second Day

What could be the most dramatic moment in the trial was delayed again today as the man who was seen on a webcam kissing Clementi was not called to testify for the second day in a row.

The man, known only as M.B. in court documents, will be called by the prosecution to tell the court what happened during two dates he had with Clementi in September 2010, during which Ravi allegedly spied on the pair and invited others to watch.

The court will shield M.B.'s identity from the public by not showing his face on camera or disclosing his name, though anyone in court will be able to see him. Cameras will be restricted to M.B.'s hands and the audio on cameras will be ordered shut off. The witness will be brought into the courtroom through a secure entrance rather than through public hallways.

The prosecution and the court were so intent on maintaining secrecy around M.B.'s identity that the defense had to argue for access to his name, and was finally told his name after ordered to not ever reveal it.

Clementi and M.B. met on the online gay dating service Adam4Adam, according to court documents.

Several online sites, including, have been streaming the trial live.

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