Severe Flooding Devastates Jersey Shore in Wake of Historic Snowstorm

See images of flooded yards and roads.

ByEmily Shapiro
January 24, 2016, 1:35 PM

— -- The Jersey shore was battling severe flooding Sunday in the wake of the massive snowstorm that swept through the Northeast.

Extensive tidal flooding was reported Saturday in towns including Cape May, Wildwood and Ocean City. Saturday morning marked a record storm surge -- 9.4 feet at Cape May.

Residents from West Wildwood to Ocean City are documenting the shocking water levels:

Sam Wierman told ABC News debris and flooding filled the roads of Avalon, including huge, iceberg-like chunks of ice. Saturday's flooding has already lightened up today, he said.

But the power, which went out Friday night, still hasn't been restored today, he said.

Gov. Chris Christie, who is returning to New Hampshire to resume campaigning, called New Jersey’s handling of the storm a “model response."

Christie said by the day’s end, power should be restored to 90 percent of customers who experienced outages and that all mass transit systems would be back up and running.

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