The Sixth Sense: '20/20' Viewers' Amazing Premonitions

PHOTO: Becky Furguson
Courtesy Becky Furgurson

Earlier this week, we asked readers to tell us their experiences with premonitions and they didn't disappoint. Click through to read four stories shared by readers – will they turn you into a believer?

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PHOTO: Becky Furguson
Courtesy Becky Furgurson
Becky Furgurson told her husband one day she'd like to go to the White House. Weeks later, she received an official White House invitation. Was it a coincidence?
An Invitation to the White House

In June, I remarked to my husband that once, while Obama was president, I wanted to go to the White House. Two weeks later (no lie) I received an email from the White House inviting me to come see Obama speak in the Rose Garden. I didn't believe the email and sent one back saying she [the sender of the email] would have to prove to me it was real and she told me to call her at "the White House!"

I can't really describe my excitement here but I called and really just couldn't believe it when someone answered and said "White House." It was real! After that I sent in a security form and was cleared and then got another email inviting me to join Obama's economic advisor for a meeting with other "middle class Americans." I was floored and of course, I accepted. So, yes, I spent almost an entire day at the White House -- it was an experience of a lifetime.
-- Becky Furgurson

Editor's note: Furgurson, an Annapolis, Md., resident, said in a phone interview with ABC News that the invitation to a July 9, 2012 speech by the President at the White House came about as a result of a message she sent to about mortgage refinancing. She said at the time she penned her message -- a question about mortgage interest rates -- she never thought it would lead to an official invitation.

A Dream That Predicted Personal Tragedy

I had a friend named Gabriel who I shared classes with every year in high school. On Jan. 28, 1998, I had a terrible dream. I dreamt someone had died and I was at their funeral.

I remember crying and thinking it was my grandmother but she was present at the funeral. So I walked towards the casket to see who had died but couldn't see into because people were blocking my view all standing around it.

I woke up crying I had never dreamt like that before. I told my dad about the next morning and he reassured me it was just a bad dream and not to pay attention to it. That Friday, Jan. 30, 1998, I went to school as usual. This particular day, Gabe and I pulled up at the same time, so we walked from the parking lot to the building together we chatted and went our separate ways. This quarter we shared third period U.S. History together.

As I sat there a voice as plain as day spoke to me and said "Tell him you love him." I didn't know what to do and it repeated it several times and then stopped. It was weird. You know you're a teenage guy, so you don't tell your guy friends you love them, so I disregarded it. That night I was going to go to our school game but decided not to.

Gabe died that night on the court of an enlarged heart. When I found out, it really hurt me.
--Marcell Rogers

Editor's note: In a phone interview with ABC News, Rogers, a Cincinnati resident, identified his friend Gabe as Gabriel Robinson, a star Cincinnati high school basketball player. Read the Cincinnati Enquirer's coverage of Robinson's death here.

An Earthquake Premonition

Oct. 17, 1989: At noon that day I was meditating outside on the grass and it was a warm, dry, windless day. The dog next door barked for no apparent reason so I thought, "There's going to be an earthquake." ...At 5:00 pm, when I placed my hand on the front door to the place I worked, Seagate in Scotts Valley, Calif., it seemed like I saw every room in the building at once, like I could see through everyone's eyes or something.

Then, four minutes later I was standing across from the disk drive cart from my supervisor and when I looked into his eyes I could see my face from his eyes and I felt like this was the final look. Then the building shook and we ran out of there.
--Thomas Merrick

Editor's note: Click here to read U.S. Geological Survey's report on the Oct. 17, 1989 Loma Pietra earthquake, which had its epicenter near Santa Cruz, Calif., just a few miles from Scotts Valley.

PHOTO: Jasmine Beaudoin and her family
Courtesy Jasmine Beaudoin
Jasmine Beaudoin and her family
The Man She Would Marry

When I was in college, I had a dream that I had become pregnant and subsequently gave birth to a baby boy. When I peered down to see the baby, he was blond with blue eyes (drastically different appearance than myself), and looked like a little "Frenchman."

Within a week after that, I met up with some old friends who were stationed in Seattle with the Coast Guard, and had invited a new shipmate along for dinner. As soon as I laid eyes upon this new shipmate (this wasn't a blind-date set up or anything like that), I was SHOCKED because he had the exact same face as the little 'Frenchman' baby from my dream (he is indeed half French).

Additionally, upon meeting him, I was immediately hit with a message inside my brain that said, "This person will be in your life for a long time." Sure enough, we went on to be married within two and a half years of that first meeting, and now have two young daughters.
--Jasmine Beaudoin

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