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  • Bridal portrait of Jacqueline Lee Bouvier shows her in an Anne Lowe-designed wedding dress, a bouquet of flowers in her hands, in New York,1953.
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  • Sen. John F. Kennedy with his fiancee, Jacqueline Bouvier, as they adjust the rigging on a small boat in Hyannis Port, Mass., in this June 28,1953, file photo.
  • Sen. John Kennedy helps his wife, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, adjust a camera in front of their home in Hyannis Port, Mass., shortly after they were married in 1953.
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  • John Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier kneel in the century-old church of St. Mary's during their wedding in Newport, R.I., on Sept. 12, 1953.
  • Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy escorts his bride Jacqueline Lee Bouvier down the church aisle shortly after their wedding ceremony at Newport, Rhode Island on Sept. 12, 1953.
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  • Hundreds jammed outside the century-old church of St. Mary's in Newport, R.I., to catch a glimpse of Sen. John Kennedy and his bride, the former Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, after their wedding.
  • John Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier pose with their ushers and maids of honor on their wedding day, Sept. 12, 1953, in Newport, Rhode Island.
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  • Sen. John Kennedy and his bride, Jacqueline Bouvier, enjoying dinner at their outdoor wedding celebration.
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  • Senator Leverett Saltonstall congratulates Sen. John F. Kennedy at the wedding reception as Kennedy's wife, Jacqueline Bouvier, looks on, Sept. 12, 1953.
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  • President John F. Kennedy with wife Jacqueline cut the cake at their wedding on Sept. 12, 1953 in Newport, Rhode Island.
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