Beyonce 'Ugly Cries' As Tour Ends

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March 30, 2014— -- quicklist: 1

title: Beyonce “Ugly Cries” As She Ends Her Tourtext:Even a diva can shed a few tears.

Beyonce wrapped up her "Mrs. Carter" tour on Thursday but not without getting a little emotional. As the pop singer ended her final concert she told the audience she felt “so lucky,” according to EOnline.

And then to show just how much her fans meant to her, Beyonce had an “ugly cry.”

"I'm giving y'all an ugly cry. Thank y'all again,” she said, according to EOnline. “When I fall, you lift me up. When I'm hungry, you feed me. And I just want to give you my light. I dedicate this song to you."

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title: Fleetwood Mac Announces Tour with Christine McVie

text: Fleetwood Mac has announced tour dates with ex-band member Christine McVie, after 15 years of separation.

The legendary band will reunite with its keyboardist and singer for 34 shows in 33 cities across North America, kicking off September 30 in Minneapolis, according to Rolling Stone.

The announcement comes after Stevie Nicks’ statement a little over a year ago that there was "more of a chance of an asteroid hitting the Earth" than Christine McVie returning to Fleetwood Mac.

Fans can start preparing for the end of the world when tickets go on sale beginning Monday, April 7.

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title: Twitter Allows Face Tagging on Tweets, Photo Album Uploads

text: Twitter has just made a giant leap ... toward becoming more like Facebook!

The social media site made the announcement Thursday that it will allow users to tag up to 10 people in photos in tweets, which it claims won't affect the 140-character message limit.

In the same tweeted blog, Twitter said it's also allowing album uploads of as many as four photos, making it even easier for your friends to put embarrassing photos of you up for the world to see. Hurray for the Internet!

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title: Entire Chapter of 'Game of Thrones' Book Released

text: Spoiler alert: The link to an entire chapter of the newest "Game of Thrones" book is contained in today's Social Climber. Read on if you dare…

Author George R. R. Martin released a chapter of his newest page turner in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series which inspired the HBO hit TV show "Game of Thrones."

Martin posted the teaser on his blog just in time for the release of "Game of Thrones" fourth season premiere on April 6. There's no word on when his sixth and latest book "The Winds of Winter" will be finished though.

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