The Social Climber: Bigfoot Hunter May Take 'Beast' on Tour, Pickles Take Over Twitter

Bigfoot Hunter May Take Alleged Sasquatch Corpse On Tour

Rick Dyer, a professional Bigfoot Hunter, has offered what he says is photographic proof of a Sasquatch he killed a little over a year ago, according to a video he posted on YouTube.

Dyer fired back at skeptics by posting a video on YouTube showing what he said were reactions of people viewing the body of the big, hairy beast.

(The Social Climber's favorite is the lady who says the creature looks like her ex-husband.)

The Bigfoot Hunter is so proud of his kill that he told ABC News' San Antonio affiliate KSAT-TV that he plans to take the body on tour across the U.S., Mexico and Canada and will charge a small fee for people to see it.

What's the Deal With #Pickles?
PHOTO: Cameron Dallas posted this photo to Instagram on Jan. 6, 2014 with the caption, "Find out what me @itsmattespinosa & @nashgrier were doing in my bio (:"

Pickles and ice cream. Pickles and a pastrami sandwich. Pickles and Twitter?

Bizarrely, #pickles is trending on the social media site today. The Social Climber did some sleuthing to get to the bottom of this delicious mystery and find out why the deli favorite is dominating tweets today.

While it's not entirely clear, it seems #pickles may be having their moment in the spotlight due to a viral video showing three guys downing jars of the crunchy snacks and then, well, waxing their legs.

Because pickles go with everything, right?

Satanic Statue Design Unveiled
PHOTO: A Satanist group unveiled a statue design it hopes to put at the Oklahoma State Capitol.
Satanic Temple/AP Photo

The devil is done with Georgia. It turns out he has his sights on Oklahoma.

A satanic group has designed a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan that it hopes to place on the grounds at the Oklahoma state Capitol, where a privately funded Ten Commandments monument was erected in 2012.

The artist's rendering of the proposed statue depicts Satan with horns, wings and a long beard. In the sketch, he is sitting on a pentagram-adorned throne and surrounded by smiling children, the Associated Press reported.

The Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission has placed a moratorium on new requests as a lawsuit regarding the Ten Commandments statue plays out in court.

Polar Vortex Swallows Most of the United States
PHOTO: A man clenches his fists as he walks past a steam vent on a cold morning in New York, Jan. 7, 2014.
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Brrrrr! Bone-chilling temperatures are affecting most of the United States today thanks to something called a polar vortex. We have the science behind it all broken down for you here.

With the official start of summer 165 days away (yikes!) it might be wise to read up on 13 things you probably didn't know you need to survive the winter blast this year.

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