A Elk on the Loose and the Rise of the Walking Dead

Drivers Beware: Elk on the Loose
PHOTO: Elk crosses highway
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A high speed chase on four legs.

Maybe they cut him off? A Montana couple was riding a motorcycle when they got a little too close to an elk -- and getting into a fender bender with a horned animal probably isn't the best driving decision.

After the elk approached the couple, they quickly drove away with the animal in pursuit. After a few quick maneuvers, the couple was able to get evade the charging animal.

It turns out an elk is no match for automotive horsepower.

Chicago Marathon Kicks Off Amid Heightened Security
PHOTO: Runners start the Chicago Marathon in Chicago, Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013
Nam Y. Huh/AP Photo

After months of training through blood, sweat and tears, an estimated 45,000 overachieving runners started their trek through Chicago for the city's 36th annual marathon.

Although the weather was perfect for a 26.2 mile trek through The Windy City, and supporters lined the streets, the race was also characterized by a larger police presence.

Just months after the Boston bombings, the Chicago Police department is taking no chances and has put an officer at nearly every intersection along the route.

In addition, runners and spectators were forbidden from bringing large bags on marathon grounds or wearing costumes that " cover the face or any non-formfitting bulky outfits extending beyond the perimeter if the body." But what does that mean for the guy who was going to run the marathon as Elvis?

The Walking Dead Returns…Not For Your Brain
PHOTO: The Walking Dead
Frank Ockenfels/AMC

With Halloween around the corner, everyone's favorite show about the undead returns, just in time. Airing on a lucky Oct. 13, "The Walking Dead" premieres at 9 p.m. tonight.

Now in its fourth season, the show's original cast members have mostly ended up more undead than alive. But that doesn't appear to hurt ratings. Last year's numbers for the finale broke the series' record for the most watched episode.

Network executives must be happy that there's something about the search for braaains that is compelling to watch.

The Rise of the Bionic Man
PHOTO: Bertolt Meyer poses for a photo Oct. 9, 2013
Showtime, Joe Schram/AP Photo

In an obvious attempt to end humanity as we know it, scientists have created a "bionic man" that has about 60 to 70 percent of the functions of a human man. He can sit, walk, breath and even has an artificial heart that can pump blood.

The robot is not exactly "The Six Million Dollar Man," but one of his co-creators, Switzerland psychologist Bertolt Meyer, was a little freaked about the final result. The robot's face was modeled on Meyer's.

"I thought it was rather revolting to be honest," Meyer told The Associated Press. "It was quite a shock to see a face that closely resembles what I see in the mirror every morning on this kind of dystopian looking machine."

While this is obviously a great day for the scientific world, we assume it is an even better one for our future robot overlords.

LeAnn Rimes' Ex 'I Just Never Saw It Coming'

LeAnn Rimes' ex-husband, Dean Sheremet, spoke to Access Hollywood about his split with the singer and actress, and finding out that Rimes was having an affair with co-star Eddie Cibran.

Sheremet said he was blindsided when Rimes admitted she was having an affair.

"I had a call … from LeAnn, she said, 'Well, Us Weekly may or may not have a picture of me and Eddie kissing.' I'm like, 'Whoa! 'What do you mean may or may not have a picture? What does that mean?'" he said.

The pair split in 2009 after seven years of marriage.

While Sheremet said has no ill will towards Rimes, the country singer has had to deal with fallout from Cibran's ex-wife, Brandi Glanville.

Rimes has publicly feuded with the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills multiple times on Twitter.

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