The Social Climber: Ellie Goulding's Got a Date

Ellie Goulding's Got a Date, Jim Nabors to Retire

May 22, 2014— -- quicklist:1title: Ellie Goulding's Got a Datetext: Ellie Goulding has been seen out and about cuddling with and holding the hand of McFly singer Dougie Poynter, but she's been mum on the pair's romance.

Poynter, however, confirmed to England's ITV2 this week that the singers are, in fact, a couple.

"Yeah. All is good in that area," Poynter said when asked if they were dating, according to Hello Magazine. media:23821876

quicklist:2title: Jim Nabors to Retiretext: It's been a great run for Jim Nabors, the singer and actor who has been part of the official opening act of the Indy 500 for more than 30 years.

The actor is best known for his role as Gomer Pyle on the Andy Griffith Show, but in Indiana he is beloved for his annual rendition of "Back Home in Indiana." Nabors, 83, told Indianapolis Monthly magazine he would make this year his last for performing at the race.

"It’s really bittersweet. I just thought I was getting a little long in the tooth. The week after Indy I’ll be 84, and I don’t fly well anymore. It’s the highlight of my year to come there and sing, but as the old song goes, I don’t want to stay too long at the fair," Nabors

quicklist:3title: Mummified Mammoth Foundtext: A mummified mammoth believed to be some 42,000 years old will go on display soon at the Natural History Museum of London.

The baby mammoth known as "Lyuba" is the world's most complete mammoth and is 85 centimeters tall and 130 centimeters long. It was found in Siberia, Russia, in 2007 by a reindeer herder. Read more on the discovery at the Washington Post. media:23821548

quicklist:4title: Michelle Duggar Looking to Add Baby #20?text: Could there be another child in store for Michelle Duggar, mom of 19 kids (and counting!)?

Duggar and her husband, Jim Bob Duggar, are seeking to answer that question in the new season of their TLC show.

"If I am in that season of life where we're not able to have any more, then I'm fine, I'm happy with that," Michelle says in a clip released to the Today show. "But if there are things physically I need to know, that I need to do, healthwise just to be ready to catch a baby if God saw fit to give us one."media:23821493

quicklist:5title: Alison Lundergan Grimestext: Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell will face a tough battle in Democratic opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes this November.

Both sailed to victory in primaries earlier this week and will now face off in the general election. Grimes, 35, had tough words for McConnell in her speech after the primaries.

"Now, Mitch McConnell he wants to tell you who I am and he claims that Kentucky will be lost if we trade in his seat for a Kentucky woman who he believes will sit on the back bench," she said, according to the Washington Post. "Well I’m here to tell you tonight my fellow Kentuckians, I am not an empty dress, I am not a rubber stamp, and I am not a cheerleader. I am a strong Kentucky woman who is an independent thinker who when I am Kentucky’s next United States senator the decisions I make will be what’s best for the people of the commonwealth of Kentucky, not partisan interests." media:23821608