The Social Climber: Intern Recites All of 'Mean Girls' in 30 Minutes

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Intern Recites All of "Mean Girls" in 30 Minutes

This intern can sit with the Social Climber any day.

Christopher Rosa, an intern at Next Movie and a savant at reciting "Mean Girls" lines, wore pink and posted this video on Wednesday in which he barely takes a breath while spitting out the entire script of the movie in under 30 minutes. Whether you've never seen the movie (which, um, you need to do) or can say every line and regularly call things "so fetch," you have got to see Rosa's unique talents and help this college junior achieve total Internet fame. Even Regina George would be impressed by this. SO FETCH.

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Whitney Houston Would Have Turned 50 Today

The Social Climber will have "I Will Always Love You" playing on repeat today.

It's been a year and a half since Whitney Houston died, and today would have been the singer's 50th birthday. This one's for you, Whitney.

PHOTO: Fast and Furious 5
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Fast & Furious 7 Will Star UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey

The makers of the incredibly successful Fast & Furious franchise have announced that the next installment of the cars/anger series will feature Ultimate Fighting Champion Ronda Rousey.

If you haven't seen Fast & Furious 1 through 6, you really need to get started now in preparation for the newly announced FF7, which you will definitely want to see and not be confused about so that you can then watch Fast & Furious 8, 9, and 10, and comprehend their complex and deeply-symbolic storylines, and then fill your kids and grandkids in so they can know what's going on for Fast & Furious 31 through 45.

Rousey, meanwhile, will star in the movie Expendables 3 before filming begins on FF7, which brings us to our next item.

PHOTO: No Expendables 3 For Bruce Willis
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Bruce Willis Replaced from "Expendables"

Do we even need to make the joke here? Or has Bruce Willis done it for us after being replaced on the set of, well, "The Expendables?"

We'll simply say that Willis is out and Harrison Ford is in for the sequel to "Expendables 2," and that the weirdest part about this story is the social media spat that developed between Willis and Sylvester Stallone about the casting decisions.

"WILLIS OUT… HARRISON FORD IN !!!! GREAT NEWS !!!!! Been waiting years for this!!!! GREEDY AND LAZY …… A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE," Stallone tweeted Tuesday.

Read ABC News' full coverage here.

PHOTO: Alex Morgan Injured
Elise Amendola/AP Photo
Alex Morgan Injury

National Women's soccer star Alex Morgan sprained her left knee earlier this week in a game against the Boston Breakers, a blow to her Portland Thorns team as the league gets closer to the playoffs at the end of this month.

Morgan said she would likely be out for two to four weeks, but vowed to be back in time for the playoffs.

PHOTO: Tesla Stocks On Rise
Tesla Motors
Tesla Stock Up

Tesla, the maker of sporty electric cars dreamed up by imaginative innovator Elon Musk (who also wants to die on Mars, among other goals), saw its stock soar this week after a positive earnings report for the second quarter.

The stock shot up nearly 20 percent on the good news Thursday, closing at $155 and adding some $570 million to Musk's fortune, according to Bloomberg.

The news could cap an exciting week for Musk, who is supposed to announce details for his plan to create a superspeed train called the Hyperloop by Aug. 12.

PHOTO: Kid Rock attends the 139th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, May 4, 2013, in Louisville, Ky.
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Kid Rock

Detroit rocker/rapper/hair idol Kid Rock will kick off a sold-out tour this week in which tickets cost a mere twenty bucks.

The Kid said he was out to upend the conventions of the music industry and called out the "highway robbery" of charging fans $200-plus for tickets to acts such as Jay Z and Justin Bieber, according to the Detroit Free Press. He's also charging only $4 for beers.

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