Southern California Recovers From Mud Mess Left By Storms

Hundreds of vehicles were stranded during the chaos.

— -- Cleanup was under way this weekend from the major mudslides due to flash flooding and thunderstorms in a section of Southern California that trapped hundreds of cars on a highway.

However, more showers are in the forecast, which could hamper relief efforts in Los Angeles County's Antelope Valley, although the worst of the storms appeared to be over.

Vehicles were stuck on State Route 58, about 30 miles east of Bakersfield, on Friday, California Highway Patrol officials said.

Search and rescues were ongoing on Friday where the mud has been estimated to be up to 6 feet deep in spots. Those rescued 10 hours after the storm hit were brought to three shelters. No deaths or injuries were reported.

The flash flooding and debris from the storms damaged at least a dozen homes in two mountainside communities.

"I've never seen anything like this before," California Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt. Mario Lopez said of the chaos, The Associated Press reports. "The whole side of the hill just came down onto State Route 58 ... There's no highway."

He added that it will take days for State Route 58 to reopen, as about 200 vehicles were stuck in the mud.

"It was a raging river of mud," Rhonda Flores told the AP. "I've never experienced anything like it, ever."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.