'Start Here': Betsy DeVos says school safety commission won't study guns

Plans for a recently formed school safety panel are coming under heavy scrutiny.

It's June 6, 2018. Here are some of the stories we're talking about on ABC News' new daily podcast, "Start Here."

1. School safety, but no guns

Amid several school shootings this year, some parents and students have begged for stricter gun laws while others simply asked to make schools less susceptible to guns.

President Donald Trump created the Federal Commission on School Safety to address these concerns, but yesterday Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said not only were no new gun policies coming, but guns wouldn't be on the agenda.

The commission has a public listening session today and ABC News' Erin Dooley, who covers the Education Department, breaks down what we should expect to hear from attendees.

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2. Trump vs. Sessions

Trump again took aim at Attorney General Jeff Sessions over his recusal from the Russia investigation on Tuesday, tweeting that he would have "picked someone else. So much time and money wasted."

As the special counsel's investigation ramps up, is there anything stopping Trump from picking another attorney general?

ABC News Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas presents us with another question: "What would be the specific reason to fire Jeff Sessions now?"

3. Kate Spade's legacy

Kate Spade started her namesake company making handbags in 1993 and eventually turned it into a sprawling empire including clothes, jewelry, perfume and more.

News of her apparent suicide rocked the fashion world yesterday. Women wrote about their experiences with her brand on social media and remembered their first purchase. We spoke to her fans outside the flagship Kate Spade store on Madison Avenue in New York who told us how shocked they were over her death.

ABC News Chief Business Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis predicts what happens next for the company Kate Spade sold more than a decade ago: "It's very rare that you see a brand with that level of staying power."

4. Stand on ceremony

Trump stood on the White House South Lawn on Tuesday, hand on heart, during the national anthem at a "Celebration of America" event, the way that he now insists football players stand on the field.

Absent from the celebration were the Philadelphia Eagles, who were originally supposed to be honored for their Super Bowl victory, but Trump uninvited the team over a growing number of players boycotting the event.

ESPN's Jason Reid, who writes about social issues and sports for "The Undefeated," says we should expect to see more teams across the NFL and NBA avoid the White House: "They have a lot of problems with what the president has said especially on matters of race."