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Multiple explosive devices were mailed to prominent public figures on Wednesday.

It's Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018. Thanks for choosing to start here.

1. Manhunt for suspect after bombs sent to Clinton, Obama, CNN

Several explosives targeting Democratic political figures, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, were intercepted by authorities on Wednesday. None of the bombs detonated and no one was injured, but investigators fear the intent of the sender was to maim or kill.

The devices, shipped in manila envelopes with six American flag stamps, contained a digital clock, explosive powder, a battery and wiring for detonation, according to sources.

"Given the fact that you have so many devices sent out already, you have to look at the possibility that there could be more," ABC News Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas tells us.

The FBI, Secret Service and ATF are involved in a sweeping national investigation as authorities search for a suspect and a motive. Former FBI agent and ABC News crime and terror analyst Brad Garrett profiles the bomber using the information we know so far: "He's pretty unsophisticated, and as a result he's probably ... left some trail for law enforcement to follow."

2. Health care, front and center

At his rallies and on Twitter, President Donald Trump has been vocal about health care, saying Democrats would not protect pre-existing conditions, while Republicans would.

Today, Trump will give remarks on health care in Washington to federal workers.

ABC News Agencies Coordinating Producer Anne Flaherty tells us that the president is stretching the truth.

3. Heitkamp angling to keep Senate seat in North Dakota

In North Dakota, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp has been fighting for her political life. She's one of several Democrats up for re-election in states dominated by Trump.

ABC News Senior Congressional correspondent Mary Bruce has been traveling the state and tells us Heitkamp is among several red-state Democrats doing everything they can to get re-elected.

4. Guilty verdicts in college basketball corruption trial

All three defendants in the NCAA basketball corruption trial were found guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Adidas employee James Gatto, basketball consultant Merl Code and former sports agent Christian Dawkins were accused of paying money to families of players who signed with Adidas-sponsored schools, including Kansas, Louisville and N.C. State. The three defendants are expected to appeal the verdict.

Will Wednesday's ruling pressure the NCAA to take action against pay-for-play schemes?

"You've got a lot of NCAA naysayers out there and critics who have said from the beginning the NCAA is letting this stuff happen," ABC News legal analyst Ryan Smith tells us. "Despite a conviction, you might not see a whole lot of action from the NCAA."

The NCAA said in a statement the league "will continue to review any relevant information about potential NCAA violations."

Adidas told ABC News in a statement the company respects the jury's verdict: "We look forward to continuing to work with the NCAA and other stakeholders in a collaborative and constructive manner to improve the environment around college basketball. We have strengthened our internal processes and controls and remain committed to ethical and fair business practices."

In other news:

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Police officers stand in front of property owned by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton in Chappaqua, N.Y., Oct. 24, 2018. (photo credit: Seth Wenig/AP)

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