How to Use the New's new clean, crisp look is designed to help users find more of what they want: stories, video, slideshows and opportunities to talk back.

The site's section and show pages, like the home page, have been streamlined into four sections.

The first is the "Main News" section, where users can find the latest stories, video, slideshows and ballots. The visually-rich Main News section rotates on its own, but users can mouse-over or scroll through its tabs to find content they want. On most pages, content in the Main News section is grouped into two tabs. You may want to click between the two often -- we update both frequently with new material.

The first icon next to headlines in the Main News section tells users if they're clicking on a story, video, slideshow, or ballot. Icons that follow this first icon indicate related content.

Next to the Main News section is the video player, where three video clips are showcased. The selection of clips is updated frequently to feature some of the most visually-exciting and news worthy videos of the day. Clicking on the "More Videos" link in the bottom right corner of the player brings up a new window with a vast selection of clips.

Below the Main News section is the "Story Package" section, where we group content into three or four themes, organized by tabs. Each tab holds four different headlines. On show pages, you can often find the latest content from on-going series, anchors, correspondents and contributors. Different themes may rotate in and out of the Story Package section depending on the flow of news.

The fourth section is the "Carousel" section, where recent and show-related content lives. The Carousel section rotates on its own, but you can control it by using the scroll bar on the right hand side.

Links to archive and sub index pages can usually be found in the Story Package or Carousel sections. Content that first appeared in the Main News section may move down to the Story Package and then to the Carousel as it gets older.

The site's story pages have been upgraded to make it easier for users to talk back and get more of the content they want. The "Editor's Picks" section on the left side of the story page features links to related stories, slideshows, video and ballots.

The right side of the page offers multiple options for users to communicate. Users can comment, add a fact to a story, vote in a ballot -- or suggest a ballot if one doesn't exist -- chat on's message boards and submit a video through Be Seen, Be Heard.

We at are always striving to make the user experience the best it can be. Please share your feedback on the site's new look and features.