Swimmers Warned After Florida Shark Attacks

At least seven people have been attacked by sharks along the east coast of Florida this week, prompting officials to warn thousands there to stay out of the water.

None of the bites were life-threatening, but beachgoers have been told to stay on land as the sharks migrate northward, hunting for food as they go. The ocean predators typically range in size from four to five feet.

Two surfers, ages 12 and 16, were bitten on the ankles at New Smyrna beach, south of Daytona Beach and near Orlando. Three more surfers and a wave boarder were also bitten by sharks in the same area.

The attacks had little to do with the menacing, human-hunting creatures from the movie Jaws, however. Experts say when humans splash in the water, sharks mistake their arms and legs for fish.

The International Shark Attack File reports there have been 34 unprovoked shark attacks in Florida in the past year, and 79 worldwide — including 10 fatal incidents.

ABCNEWS Radio's Barbara Britt contributed to this report.