FBI Captured One of Most Wanted

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L A K E  P R O V I D E N C E, La., Dec. 20, 2000 -- After an hours-long standoff, the FBI today arrested one of its 10 most wanted, a suspect in several Louisiana slayings, including that of his wife and two of his relatives.

State police and the East Carroll Parish Sheriff’s Office todaycaptured Jesse James Caston after he had barricaded himself in his father’s home in LakeProvidence. State Police SWAT teams and FBI agents converged on the East Carroll Parish town that has been terrorized by wordof Caston’s return since he fled the area in April.

The East Carroll Parish Sheriff’s Office says Caston wasarrested without any trouble. There were no injuries.

Family Feud?

Caston, who allegedly killed his wife, her friend and shot acity police officer in April, also is a suspect in the doubleslaying of a Lake Providence father and son early Monday. The bodies of James B. Kelly, 59, and his son James M. “Bubba”Kelly, 37, were discovered early Monday morning atop theMississippi River levee just south of Lake Providence.

Detective Lee Harrell, who is coordinating the investigation,said a preliminary autopsy of the bodies showed each man suffered multiple gunshot wounds, but the caliberof the weapon wasn’t determined.

Caston, who is related to the Kelly family, had been on the runsince being accused of shooting to death his wife, AngelaCaston, and her friend, Sharon McIntyre, in Lake Providence April 10.

In addition to being among the FBI’s most wanted fugitives,Caston has been featured twice on the television show America’sMost Wanted.

Harrell said Caston may have had problems with the Kellyfamily. James B. Kelly was a first cousin of Caston’s father, TokieCaston. James B. Kelly’s daughter, Pam Frazier, recently boughtJesse James Caston’s old house at a sheriff’s sale.

Investigating Sunday Fire

Late Sunday night, a fire almost destroyed Bubba Kelly’s home,but police haven’t determined whether it was arson or whether thereis a connection between the fire and the killings. Kelly, his wifeand their two children weren’t at home at the time.

Before Wednesday, there had not been a confirmed sighting ofCaston since April 13, when he was reportedly spotted at a truckstop in Longview, Texas.

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