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Bush, Gore Talk Issues as DUI Controversy Swirls

Plus: Poll: Voters Shrug Off Drunk Driving and FBI Uses NASA Technology Nov. 4 — As controversy swirls, George W. Bush and Al Gore are exchanging barbs over foreign policy and Social Security.

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Most likely voters say George W. Bush’s DUI conviction 24 years ago won’t affect their choice on Tuesday, according to a new ABCNEWS poll. Bush has accused Democrats of dirty tricks over the report.

Space scientists David Hathaway and Paul Meyer weren’t looking at the sun and studying satellite maps to help fight crime. But somehow the project led the FBI to their door.

A gunman in Greece released 33 Japanese tourists he had taken hostage after killing his mother-in-law and a friend.

The best hitter in Japanese baseball history may be headed to America. The bidding war could exceed $10 million a year for Ichiro Suzuki, who batted .387 last year.

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