Columbine Gunman's Parents Fight Lawsuit

ByABC News
October 2, 2000, 6:55 AM

D E N V E R, Oct. 2 -- The parents of Columbine High School killer DylanKlebold have asked a judge to throw out a lawsuit filed againstthem by families of victims, saying they are not to blame for theirsons actions.

In their response to an amended version of the complaint, Thomasand Susan Klebold denied they helped cause the carnage at Columbineby failing to properly supervise their son.

The Klebolds lawyers filed the response in U.S. District Courtin Denver on Wednesday and it was made available Friday.

Klebold and Eric Harris, both seniors, attacked their school inLittleton on April 20, 1999, fatally shooting 12 students and ateacher and wounding two dozen others before killing themselves.

The lawsuit was filed by relatives of Daniel Rohrbough, KellyFleming, Matthew Kechter, Lauren Townsend, Kyle Velasquez andCassie Bernall. All six were killed in the massacre.

Deny Claims of Victims Families

The Klebolds are among several defendants, who include Harrisparents, Jefferson County sheriffs officials and three peopleaccused of providing the teenagers with the guns they used in theshootings.

The Klebolds denied the victims families claim that they knewor should have known their sons inclination to carry out theattack.

They also denied claims they failed in their duties by allowingtheir son to amass weapons and build bombs in their home, associatewith Harris and author extremist writings of a hateful nature.

The Klebolds have issued two written statements apologizing forthe pain and suffering their son caused, once shortly after themassacre and once in the days before its anniversary.

On Wednesday, Mark Manes, who is serving a 6-year term forproviding a gun to Harris and Klebold when they were minors,responded to four lawsuits against him, denying his negligence ledto the deaths and injuries.