Tiger Attacks Woman at Fund-Raiser

A woman was mauled by a tiger at a

fund-raiser for Zoo Boise after the cat slipped through a cage


Janet C. Gold, 40, suffered a broken leg and puncture wounds in the attack and was hospitalized in serious but stable condition today, authorities said.

She also suffered a gunshot wound to the leg when police fired near the tiger to scare it away. Police are not clear whether the woman suffered the wound from a direct shot or a ricochet.

The attack occurred Friday at a “Feast for the Beast” dinner. Patrons had been taken to a building which houses the cages for two Amur tigers.

“Somehow, one of the tigers bumped open a gate on the cage and attacked the woman,” said Boise Police Lt. Jim Tibbs. “Everyone else ran out.”

Police Sgt. Rich Schnebly said another officer drew his gun while the woman was being attacked.

“The officer fired two shots over the tiger’s head. He couldn’t shoot at the tiger because he was afraid he would hit the woman,” Schnebly said.

The cat retreated. But when Schnebly and a zoo official approached Gold, the tiger advanced again. The policeman fired another shot, the tiger backed into the cage and the men locked the gate.

The condition of the tiger was unclear.

Zoo Boise has two male Amur tigers, the largest cats in the world. Males can weigh between 700 and 800 pounds when fully grown.