A Xerox employee who gunned down seven co-workers was sentenced today to life in prison without parole.

Byran Uyesugi was convicted in June of fatally shooting the seven men and trying to kill an eighth, an attack Deputy Prosecutor Chris Van Marter described as “the execution of seven unarmed, good hard-working men.”

Uyesugi was also sentenced to life with parole by Circuit Judge Marie Milks for the attempted murder of the eighth man. The judge also ordered Uyesugi to pay $70,000 restitution to the victims’ families.

‘You Have Stolen Our Lives Away’

His left hand rubbing his chin, Uyesugi appeared not to pay attention as victims’ family members spoke of their pain and suffering since the November slayings.

“I hate you for what you have done,” Susan Sakamoto said between sobs as she spoke of her husband, John. “You have stolen our lives away and you can never suffer enough for what you have done.”

Lorna Kanehiro’s husband, Ford, was also killed.

“Byran Uyesugi took away my life,” she said. “My heart would leap whenever I saw him. He was my life. It’s been nine months and I still don’t know how to pick up the pieces.”

Uyesugi declined to speak in court.

Moral Justification Hawaii has no death penalty, and defense attorney Jerel Fonseca said he’s not sure whether that would have been a deterrent. Uyesugi believes he was justified in killing the men because he felt they were sabotaging his work and trying to have him fired, the attorney said.

“He’s always felt he was morally justified,” Fonseca said.

Attorneys for Uyesugi said he plans to appeal.